About the Baby Hammock

The Kulala Baba Organic Hammock has been thoughtfully designed with your baby’s sleep in mind. The cradling contours of the Hammock and the gentle movement of the spring provide a familiar, secure environment that soothes and settles even the most restless baby.

Each Kulala Baba Organic Hammock is hand-made from the highest quality, organic materials to provide a comfortable and safe place for your baby to sleep. The womb-like cocoon created by the Hammock will help to ease your baby’s transition from womb to world.

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  • Settles even the most restless baby
  • An ergonomic environment for your little one
  • Gentle help with early-stage niggles
  • A safe place for your little one to slumber
  • The promotion of good sleeping habits
  • A smooth transition from womb to world
  • Well-rested parents

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About Us

Roanna Bernatzeder founded Kulala Baba in 2016, following the birth of her first child, Mason. After a long search Roanna found the perfect sleep solution for her son and wanted to share this with other parents. At Kulala Baba, we tailor-make our Hammocks out of organic, natural and sustainable materials to provide your baby a safe, comfortable and secure environment to peacefully slumber.  We have designed our hammocks to allow your baby the maximum benefit of this ergonomic bed and to help them and, in turn, you to sleep well for longer.

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